The town of Aulla

The town of Aulla is situated in a lovely wide plain surrounded by green rolling valleys and hills that follow the course of the River Magra.  Aulla raises in a very strategic position,  encircled by the Cisa, Cerrreto and Lagastrello mountain passes  on the way towards Casola and Garfagnana Land which leads to the town of Lucca.
Unfortunately, during the second world war the old town centre was totally destroyed and today Aulla is a modern town  with shops and facilities.
However, you can still admire enchanting medieval villages situated in the beautiful surrounding hills: Caprigliola, Bibola and Olivola.
The  “Fortezza della Brunella”, a beautiful 16th Century military fortress overlooking the town, nowadays  is the  Natural History Museum Centre.
Among the most interesting monuments to visit is the “Abbazia di San Caprasio” an old church which was built in 884 along the “Via Francigena”( a medieval road running from Canterbury to Rome) to offer hospitality to Pilgrims who still today stop in the town of  Aulla on their way to Rome.

  • Piazza Abbazia, 12 Aulla

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