Our services

Whether you buy or sell a property, we will accompany you all the way. That means we will not only help you to find your dream home but also get you started because we know how difficult it is to get settled in a foreign country.

For our buyers

We help you look just for the right property by offering a vast selection of homes at all sorts of prices

We help you find a nice place to stay while you are house-hunting ( local hotels and B&B’s for example TuscanyGetaways )

We apply for your Italian Fiscal Code number

We help you open up your Italian bank account in local banks

We help you with your mortgage application

We provide a complete translation service ( there’s no need to bring your own Italian phrase book!!)

We check the legal titles to ensure that the property is correctly registered with Land Registry Office

We verify that there are not outstanding mortgages or debts ( Visure Ipotecarie e Catastali )

We will assist you until completion of the final sale at Notary’s office

After the sale we help you with new utility bills subscriptions / contracts (gas – water – electricity – IUC = Property – garbage tax)

We can introduce you to our team of technicians ( local surveyors, architects and craftsmen) and help you with your renovation project , including internal design.

For our vendors

Lunigiana2000 can offer to sell your house for you, arranging all necessary documents and procedures:

We can make an evaluation of your property

We can get the Land Registry Documents of your property ( Documenti Catastali )

We can advertise your property in the best international and national specialized magazines and websites

We can arrange all necessary documents in order to finalize the completion of the sale

We will assist you until completion and during the final sale at Notary’s office


The Italian real estate agent is the person who puts in touch one or more parties to conclude a sale, without being tied to them by any sort of business relationship, dependence relationship or representation. (article 1754 Italian civil code).
The Italian real estate agent is entitled to the payment of a commission from both parties, if the sale has been conducted and completed by him ( article 1755 Italian Civil Code)
The real estate activity is regulated by the Law No 39 and its integrations.
The main duty of the Italian real estate Agent is to find potential sellers and /or buyers for the conclusion of the sale, for his job the Italian estate agent gets a commission from both parties at the exchange of contracts (at the signing of the preliminary sale greement)

The real estate business/ activity is subject to the enrolment in the Roll of “ Agenti di Affari in Mediazione” which is hold in the local Chamber of Commerce ( article 6 Law 39/89)

The Italian real estate is entitled to the payment of a commission from both parties, from the buyer and from the seller. This is a guarantee for his impartiality.

The agency commission must be paid upon conclusion of the sale that is at the exchange of contracts ( at the signing of the preliminary sale agreement)

Your Italian estate agent will guide you during the purchase process until completion of the sale – Rogito Notarile – at Notary’s office.

Our commissions

Up to 50.000 euro = euro 3.000 + VAT
Between 50.000 and 100.000 euro = euro 4.000 + VAT
More than 100.000 euro = 4% + VAT


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